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Skin rejuvenation, skin improvement and making your body more beautiful


Beauty Unlimited Amsterdam goes further than an ordinary beauty salon. Expect professional treatments with the quality of a skin clinic in a relaxed atmosphere and the personal attention of a beauty salon.

The Best Beauty Salon in Amsterdam South

Body treatments for a more beautiful and toned body with more beautiful contours

Freeze Fat - Cryolipolysis

The treatment to remove fat cells. The treatment can be applied to the abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms, back and double chin.

Make an appointment now to remove your fat.

Freeze fat

Cellulite LPG treatment

LPG is the only proven and scientifically based method that tackles cellulite in the skin. Get our tailor-made treatment plan for beautiful, smooth skin without pits!

Are you coming to Beauty Unlimited Amsterdam for the first time?

At beauty salon Beauty Unlimited Amsterdam you get always an extensive intake and skin scan. We plan extra time the first time. This way we have plenty of time to look at your skin and discuss your wishes, before we start working on a more beautiful and healthier skin!

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Top 3 most booked facial treatments in Amsterdam

Bio Skin Light, the #1 in natural skin rejuvenation

Bio Skin Light the best in natural skin rejuvenation. Bio Skin Light is a light therapy treatment that provides the skin with renewed energy. This can make skin function up to 10 younger for older skin. In the younger skin of twenty-somethings, this treatment will visibly slow down skin aging.

Result and relaxation in 1 treatment
Skin energy


pH Formula peels for a wide range of complex skin problems as well as for structural maintenance and rejuvenation of the skin. pH formula peels make the skin stronger, more radiant and younger. After a peeling of pH Formula you can immediately resume your daily routine, so no downtime!

What does no downtime mean? The skin does not require a long recovery time. This makes pH Formula peels unique! The best peels at the beauty salon in Amsterdam South.


Is Microneedling Painful? No not at all
Micro needling downtime? Not with us

The unique combination of Microneedling in combination with oxygen and high-quality ingredients ensures that the skin gets to work in the skin instead of on the skin. Because our microneedling works deep into the skin, superficial peeling is almost impossible.

Beauty salon in Amsterdam for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement!

Safe Equipment

All our equipment is CE approved

Certified skin specialists

Our specialists are certified and fully trained as skin specialists

Since 2013 the beauty salon in Amsterdam

Jiska Payet owner with 25 years of experience, based in Amsterdam since 2013

The largest range of facials in Amsterdam South

We have the largest range in Amsterdam of facial treatments aimed at various skin problems and natural skin rejuvenation. We can create combinations of treatments that you won't find anywhere else. Our beauty treatments are classified in level 1 to 5. Level 1 treatments are usually aimed at slightly younger skin or skin with light skin problems. Level 5 treatments are the most intensive treatments for skin with difficult skin problems or visibly aging skin. In this way we make customization for your specific skin and wishes. 

Beauticians with a passion for the skin!

Our customers rate us as the best beauty salon in Amsterdam

There are more than 900 reviews about our beauty salon and skin clinic online!
Our beauty salon is located in Amsterdam South, Rivierenbuurt on the edge of the Pijp.

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